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Vista Bonita Recreation Association History and Mission

The Association was formed to transfer ownership of Baker Lake from the owners/developers of this area, Harold and Kay Fisher, to the home owners/members in the Vista Bonita development.

The lake was part of the irrigation system of a Fisher family farm and in 1968 Harold and Kay Fisher built their home at 308 Camino Real before starting to sell lots for other homes in the development.

As the years passed and the area grew, the Fishers were getting ready to get out of the development business, so they had their lawyer devise a method to transfer the lake and a lot at 431 Orilla Del Lago for access for people not living on a lake front lot, to all of the residents of the Vista Bonita development.

In 1992 the Vista Bonita Recreation Association was formed and ownership of Baker Lake, Replogle Reservoir, the access lot (now known as Baker Lake Park), and a water share of Larimer Weld Ditch Company (for adding water to the lake) was transferred to the Association for all the residents of the development that became members of the Association.

The Association is controlled by an elected seven member Board of Directors, with four on-lake members and three off-lake members that switch each year to maintain a balance of control. The Board has four officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). Their charge is to maintain and improve the assets (Baker Lake & Park and Replogle Reservoir) through the collection of dues from the members and disbursement of funds for maintenance the assets.

An annual meeting is held every spring to elect Board members, report on finances and any other matters presented. A meeting agenda, voting proxies and the dues notices are mailed to the members about a month before the meeting.

The lake ecology committee tests the water quality periodically and stocks fish as needed. Water is added as needed from the ditch east of the subdivision.

We are not an HOA and do not have the power to control anything other than the lakes and park. We may be able to direct you to the proper entity to deal with your concerns. Please feel free to contact any Board member for their assistance.

Please contact one of the Directors above with any questions or concerns regarding the Vista Bonita Recreation Association.  Baker Lake is the cornerstone of our great community. Whether it’s fishing, swimming, boating, sunning, hiking, picnicking or just plain enjoyment, we have a great asset to appreciate our homes here in northern Colorado.  Baker Lake is a 25 acre lake that has a spring located in it. Whether we get ditch water or not (depending on winter snowpack),  we  will  always  have a  natural  lake  that  is  right  here  in  our  subdivision.  It  was  originally

Last update 9/23/2021

used for irrigated farming in the area and now is used for the recreational purposes listed above and to irrigate the residential properties on the lake.  We will cover things like coming events, meeting dates, dues information, fishing data and FAQ’s. Stay tuned for more, support our advertisers and ENJOY THE LAKE.


The lake use rules are simple and mostly concerned with safety and courtesy on and around the water.

A Colorado fishing license is NOT required for members or their guests. A catch and release program is encouraged but not mandatory. All carp that are caught should be destroyed and not returned to the lake. Please be considerate of anyone swimming near the dock if you are fishing there.

Small boats with electric motors are permitted, but no internal combustion engines are allowed. Wind and human powered boats are allowed, but no boats may be stored at the park or left tied to the park dock.

Swim at your own risk. Again we want to stress safety, so please watch your children carefully.

Keep your noise levels down so they do not disturb the neighboring residents. The park closes at 10:00 PM.

The grills by the pavilion are for your use. Be sure all coals are extinguished before leaving and take all of your trash with you.

Horseshoes are available for your use. They are located on the electric panel near the horseshoe pits. Please leave everything as you found it.

Please be careful around the swings to avoid being struck by someone using the swings.

The Pavilion at the park (431 Orilla Del Lago) – may be reserved for personal use by emailing or by calling the Communications Director listed above. Your reservation will be posted on the website calendar and at the park bulletin board to avoid use conflicts. Electricity is available at the pavilion and we ask that you clean up after your event.

Questions or comments may be emailed to the Board at 

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VBRA Board Members 2021-2022

Phone Number

Term Ends

Larry Dick (President)(off-lake)(970) 692-64272022
Rich Feller (on-lake)(970) 222-80642024
Kevin Seely (Secretary)(off-lake)(970) 297-85972024
Arlyn Atadero (off-lake)(760) 693-67122024
John Sheahan (off-lake)(970) 556-86792024
Ross Houk (on-lake)(970) 37680702024
Shelah Fred (Communications)(off-lake)(970) 817-22202022

Lance Smith (off-lake)

(970) 223-50202022

Michael Warring (on-lake)

(970) 214-19252024


Ester Haas (Neighborhood Link Chairwoman)(970) 682-4231
Lance Smith (Lake Ecology Chairman)(970) 223-5020

The Trails at Vista Bonita HOA Board President

Kelly JacksonTBD