Community information & frequently asked questions

For babysitting, lawn mowing and snow shoveling by some of our terrific teenagers please call a Board member or the Neighborhood Link chairwomen for a referral. Please plan ahead if possible.

Vista Bonita is served by the following schools:

            Timnath Elementary

            Lesher Middle School

            Fossil Ridge High School

The Board of Directors has decided that no boats may be stored at Baker Lake Park because of liability issues. There is room at the east end of the split rail fence to drive in to put a boat in the water, but don’t leave your vehicle in the park while you are boating.

Fish are the main diet of Osprey, and they fly over the lake until they spot a snack. They dive from 50’ to 100’ into the water with a huge splash. Their success rate, that we have observed, is about 1 in 4 dives (some neighbors have named one of them “Bulls-eye”). They then come out of the water and at about 10’-15’ it shakes the water of its body like a dog. It then turns the fish in its talons so the head is facing the direction of its flight. Really is neat to see.

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If you see something that needs attention please let someone on the Board know about the problem.​


2020 Vista Bonita Annual Meeting Information:


Are the members of VBRA liable for any accidents associated with the lake or park?

VBRA is a non-profit corporation that is insured for any claims arising from the use of the lake or park and at any of our sponsored functions. Individual members are not responsible for claims against the corporation. We are paying over $2000 per year for insurance based on the number of members. This is currently our largest annual expenditure.

Where does the water come from that fills our lake in the summer?

We get water from three sources and it is delivered to us from the canal east of the lake. First is the water share we own which doesn’t provide much water but allows us to access our other two sources. Second is the Replogle reservoir a half mile east of County Road 5 on the north side of Hwy 14. Since that source is downstream from Baker Lake we have to trade water with the Larimer/Weld ditch company. They give us water here and take it back down there. Replogle is a seepage and runoff lake that is always full. The third source is free river water during high runoff time each year. The first fill is traded water since the runoff and allotments don’t start as early as we want water.

What can be done about trashy yards, late night noise and annoying pets?

These are the kind of issues handled by an HOA like the one in the Trails at Vista Bonita. The other filings do not have an HOA so the best advice is to have a polite conversation with the offending party to try and resolve the issue.

What can be done about speeding on our streets?

The Trails HOA has been looking into the problem. When they plan a course of action, VBRA will support them in any way that is appropriate according to our By-Laws.

How come there is so much seaweed in the lake some years?

This is a complicated issue involving the health of the lake and the recreational use of the lake. While some seaweed is good for the fish population and water clarity, too much hurts the recreational uses. We have stocked some grass carp (which don’t reproduce) to keep the seaweed under control. If the seaweed gets too thick in some areas then the best control is to pull it out by hand or rake and remove it from the lake. Call the president for more details.

When will the west entrance be upgraded?

We are collecting donations with your dues to save for that project. When a proposal and cost estimate are put forward we will provide the monies that have been accumulated through donations and any remaining amounts will have to be collected through a donation drive. If you want to help with a plan please call the Trails HOA president or VBRA president to volunteer.

When will there be more upgrades to Baker Lake Park?

We are moving ahead with park improvements as our finances allow. If you have a specific concern please contact one of the Board members.

How can members with common interests (bird watching, gardening, cards, etc) get together?

There is a website called Nextdoor Vista Bonita where you can post your interests and get in touch with like-minded neighbors.